Alastair Thain

Steven Berkoff, London, 1988

Leslie Steven Berkoff is an English character actor, author, playwright and theatre director. Berkoff’s career started in 1965, his physical, exaggerate style of theatre is both popular and controversial, this style is in direct contradiction to the conventions of naturalistic theatre. Berkoff’s achievements are not only limited to theatre his career in cinema/TV has flourished, appearing in various roles (usually as the villian). Such as Lt. Col Podovsky in Rambo: First Blood Part II, General Orlov in James Bond Octopussy and Adolf Hitler in the TV mini-series War and Remembrance.

Edition of 7 in 42 in x 34.4 in or 72 in x 59 in

Archival pigment print

Signed & thumb print by Alastair Thain