Alastair Thain

Robin Williams, Triptych, New York, 1989

Beginning his career in the 1970s San Francisco standup comedy scene, Williams soon moved onto feature film acting, and became known for his sharp comedic flair and flawless improvisational style. While excelling in his comedic perfomances, his prowess in more serious roles like 'Good Will Hunting' and 'Dead Poets Society' proved his ability to evoke sheer emotion from the audience. His recent untimely suicide has been seen as a hallmark of the perils of sheer talent and has shon a light on manic depression, provoking thought and conversation worldwide on the matter.

Edition of 7 in 42 in x 29.5 in or 72 in x 50.6 in

Archival pigment prints

Signed & thumb print by Alastair Thain

*Three prints sold as triptych