Alastair Thain

Daniel Day-Lewis, London, 1989

The photograph was made on 3414 High definition satellite reconnaissance film it is extremely difficult to expose because it is designed to record detail from space and penetrate atmospheric haze. As a result it had to be exposed twice one pre-flashing exposure through frosted perspex and and one of the subject. Doubling any potential exposure errors. However the searing quality of the recording medium communicate emotional nuances of a humans face unlike any other film. The portrait was made shortly before Daniel Day Lewis claimed to have seen the ghost of his father, who died when he was just 15, on stage at the National Theatre in 1989, “more metaphorically than literally”. and quit the production mid-performance and has not returned to the theatre for several years.

Edition of 7 in 42 in x 29.5 in or 72 in x 50.6 in

Archival pigment print

Signed & thumb print by Alastair Thain