Alastair Thain

Cindy Sherman, New York, 1988

Cindy Sherman shot in collaboration with Alastair Thain.

One of the most prolific and renowned American self portrait photographers to date. Her self portraits involved the construction of characters, sometimes satirical, sometimes serious; mimicking archetypes of women and their place in society, setting out to challenge these narratives through her subversive work. Her self portraits, which were in a way social commentary, are mostly constructed by herself in her studio, thus taking on many roles - photographer, makeup, artist, costume, art direction, 1986-1989 was her first use of visible prostheses and mannequins.

Edition of 7 in 42 in x 34.4 in or 72 in x 59 in

Archival pigment print

Signed & thumb print by Alastair Thain